How much does it cost?

When choosing a counsellor to work with it is important to meet in person so that you can decide whether the counsellor is right for you.

I offer a one-off initial consultation for £30 after which each session will be charged at £50.

How often and how long do I need to come?

I work both on a short-term basis (typically 12 weeks) and on an open-ended long term basis depending on what brings you to counselling. We would usually meet once a week for 1 hour sessions.

What can you help me with?

People come to counselling for many reasons. Sometimes there are specific issues or fears that might bring someone to seek therapy, and other times it is a less tangible sense of malaise that can prompt someone to look for understanding and meaning. I have worked with anxiety, depression, relationships, sexuality, stress, abuse, trauma, bereavement, loss and low self-esteem, but if you have any other concerns please feel free to contact me and we can look at how I might be able to help.